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Virtual World

With the Virtual World at our fingertips, I can entertain you and your guests bringing the impossible to the comfort of your own home...

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What type of magic show is it?

Primarily card magic with a twist.  Everyone watching will be involved as it's fully interactive, making sure the magic reaches everyone at home and that everyone has a great time!

What sort of audience is the show aimed at?

There is no age limit but my magic is best suited to those over 15 yrs.  A fantastic family show, sure to entertain, whether you are a fan of magic or just looking for something a bit different.

Choose Your Experience:


Experience The Impossible - Mini


£50 (15-20min)

Experience the Impossible

£100 (30 min)

Experience The Impossible - Plus

£250 (45-60min, includes bonus magic)

How many in your party:

Up to 10 people

11 - 50 People

51 - 100 People

+£5 to your Experience

+£20 to your Experience

+£50 to your Experience

How do I book?

Simply phone or email using the details on this page!

Book now to avoid disappointment!...

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Click below to see how others have viewed the impossible in the virtual world...


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